When using a vaping device to help you stop smoking, you have a wealth of vape juice flavours you can use in it that may excite your tastebuds. Many standard flavours are popular with vapers, and then there are also some more outlandish flavours that you may or may not want to try in your vaping device. Whatever your taste preferences, there are lots of choices available for different flavours of e-liquids, and you can see some of the crazier ones listed below to show you some of the crazier concoctions available.

Tuna Flavour Vape Juice

One of the flavours of e-liquid UK residents are not likely to rush out to buy but is available is tuna flavour vape juice. When you open the bottle, it has a strong but subtle aroma and is not as overpowering as expected. It was the same vaping this outlandish vape juice flavour, and the taste was much milder than expected, but it was still not that pleasant. Although you may be a lover of tuna, it is not a flavour of vape juice that will see massive popularity, and although you may want to try it, you probably will not finish the bottle.

Garlic Flavour Vape Juice

Garlic is a popular flavour for many dishes and is an ingredient commonly used in the kitchen worldwide. However, someone thought it was also an excellent idea to turn this flavour into an option for your vaping device, and by all accounts, it is a realistic flavour. The overall smell of the vape juice can be overbearing, but by all accounts, the actual taste is relatively mellow. Although it is a realistic garlic flavour, it is not one to get the masses excited, and you can try this vape juice, but it will most likely be a novelty and not be used often.

Black Pepper Flavour Vape Juice

Another flavour of vape juice that is a bit strange and may or may not excite your tastebuds is black pepper flavour vape juice. When you open the bottle, the smell accurately depicts black pepper, and it is not too overpowering, unlike some flavour concoctions. The initial taste of the vape juice will leave you feeling the taste is accurate and is not too powerful, but there is no depth to the flavour. Although it is much more subtle than other flavours you can try vaping, it is not a flavour profile that will see massive popularity, but many people may try it as a one-off.

Worcestershire Sauce Flavour Vape Juice

Another flavour profile that is rather outlandish but may intrigue you into wanting to try it is Worcestershire sauce flavour vape juice. There are mixed reviews for this flavour online, with many people saying the smell is subtle yet accurate. The first couple of puffs on this flavour e-liquid are not too bad, but it creeps up on you and leaves a nasty aftertaste in your mouth, which is unpleasant. Although it can help satisfy your cravings for salty snacks without eating them, it is not a flavour of vape juice recommended to rush out and buy.

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