March 2023


Alcohol consumption is generally related to a variety of health risks, which increases with the increase in the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcoholics lose their control over alcohol use. Their brain craves for alcohol to feel the pleasure of happiness and satisfaction.

What is moderate drinking?

Moderate drinking means consuming limited amount of alcohol. For men, one to two alcoholic drinks per day is considered healthy while one alcoholic drink per day is healthy for women. Moderating drinking refers to the self-controlled technique to reduce the amount of your alcohol intake over a period of time.

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Moderate drinking may not work for people with an alcohol use disorder. They may experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to reduce alcohol. Moderate drinking strategies are effective for less severe drinking problems.

Some tips to help moderate your alcohol drinking

You can even abstain yourself from alcohol if you successfully practice moderate drinking. If you do not have any alcohol use disorder, small changes in your attitude towards alcohol can help you reduce alcohol intake and health risks.

Here are some tips to help you moderate drinking –

  1. You can count the amount of drinks you consume to track and have better control over your alcohol intake.
  2. You can start by skipping alcohol at alternate days to achieve moderate drinking.
  3. Some medications are available to help blocking the pleasurable effects of alcohol and reduce cravings. You can start with such medications.
  4. When you feel like drinking, you can start performing other healthy alternatives like performing fun hobbies and activities to divert your mind from alcohol. This helps a lot to moderate your drinking habits.