December 2023


A staggering 280 million people around the world grapple with this mental health disorder. Despite its widespread prevalence, depression remains one of the most misconstrued, stigmatized, and misunderstood conditions. Regrettably, these misconceptions frequently serve as barriers to individuals seeking the necessary help. Explore the prevalent misunderstandings about depression outlined below.

Infographic provided by Vanguard Behavioral Health, a leading drug rehab Tucson

The allure of smooth skin, heightened hydration, and wrinkle reduction often graces the front of skincare products. Yet, to truly grasp their effects and optimize your skincare routine, turning to the back label and examining the ingredient list is imperative.

Although these components might appear perplexing, with names that are challenging to pronounce, comprehending their roles is crucial for maintaining skin health. Furthermore, being aware of what you apply to your skin contributes to cultivating a more informed beauty and wellness regimen. Explore the distinction between two key ingredient categories—active and inactive—along with the benefits of some commonly found examples in the discussion below.

This infographic was created by SeSpring, shop cruelty-free Korean gel cleanser for face